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Girls trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes in Sierra Leone.- Patricia Rodríguez González.

The 94% of the world's victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are women and girls. In Sierra Leone, as in the rest of the countries of the area, most of this type of trafficking occurs internally. It is increasingly common to see girls as young as 11 or 12 years old, selling their bodies in crowded clubs and areas, in the country's major cities and especially the capital, Freetown. It is such a normalized problem in the eyes of society that, despite the existent protective regulatory framework, neither the police nor the corresponding officials in the justice system act against traffickers, clients, pimps and intermediaries, turning the country into a paradise for paedophiles and unscrupulous people who use abandoned, abused and in miserable conditions girls for their own benefit.
Only a few non-governmental organizations have raised their voices against this human drama with immeasurable consequences, not only for these girls, but for society as a whole.

Document written by Patricia Rodríguez González. Analista y directora de Child Heroes.

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies