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Healthcare capabilities specialized in bio-scenarios.- Alberto Cique Moya.

The most effective measures for the control of highly communicable diseases are the isolation of the contacts and the quarantine of the sick. To those who join the treatment and vaccination when these are available. It is essential to carry out a cross-disciplinary multidisciplinary socio-sanitary approach in order to stop the outbreak. Hence, the One-Health approach allows establishing the most effective strategies for the control of most diseases since many of the emerging and remerging diseases have a zoonotic origin. If we know the epidemiological situation, we can reduce the consequences of an incident or biological outbreak, since the sooner control measures are put in place, the fewer the consequences. In addition to this, the activation and deployment of special health capabilities, usually military, will minimize the consequences of the outbreak, mainly those produced by highly transmissible agents, be they Deployable Laboratories (DL), Rapid Deployment Outbreak Investigation Teams (RDOIT), Portable Isolation and Treatment Units (PITU), Isolation Evacuation Systems (IES) or Portable Isolation Units (PIU). The decision to activate and deploy these capabilities will depend on the operational situation, but we must be aware that the sooner they are deployed, the lesser will be the consequences of the outbreak.

Document written by Alberto Cique Moya. Veterinary Colonel. Headquarters of Operative sanitation., Defence Staff.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Healthcare capabilities specialized in bio-scenarios.
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