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Risk management and resilience of social structures.- Mario Garcés and Alberto Ayora.

In this paper we reason how the adequate management of the inherent diversity within the social structures, can help us to face in a more resilient way those challenges that involve great uncertainty, such as the current one. Thus, to minimize the risks associated with decision-making when insufficient knowledge or information is available, an approach from multiple perspectives is required. In this way, diversity well managed is a benefit to achieve the goal of developing more resilient social and economic systems. However, the historical lack of capacity within the European Union to take advantage of that incredible diversity provided by its member states has prevented consensus and coordinated responses, mainly in the social field. In this case, the very existence of a classification of “correct” (northern countries) and “incorrect” (southern countries) performance patterns, could be systematically making it difficult to achieve the pursued goal.

Document written by Mario Garcés. CEO of The MindKind. Researcher, teacher and advisor specialized in resilience. and Alberto Ayora. Colonel of the Army. Master in prevention management.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Risk management and resilience of social structures.
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