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Analysis of the future terrestrial operating environment 2035.- Antonio Ruiz Benítez.

We are all aware of the relevant changes that our environment has undergone in a short time. Today the global world is hyperconnected and this allows events that occurred in the most remote places to have an effect anywhere on the planet. Social networks are capable of instantly, and not always with a rationale, disseminating communications, news and interpretations that create opinion.
These changes, although they make our lives easier, transmit knowledge, allow immediate contact, provide entertainment, encourage management, save time, create jobs, and make scientific advances and cultural content that were previously the privilege of very few available to the majority; they also carry associated risks.

Document written by Antonio Ruiz Benítez. Division General. Director of Research, Doctrine, Organic and Materials of MADOC. Army.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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