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The Indian Ocean and its Role in Strengthening India`s Security.-Fernando Srimal, Gupta Megha & Jose Sharon

From the Horn of Africa, past the Arabian and the Indian Peninsula, going all the way to Indonesia and beyond, the great Indian Ocean region, stretches across these important junctures which becomes an important medium for India to strengthen its security. India’s geostrategic and geo-economic strategy is now getting extremely influenced by its changing Ocean Diplomacy towards indo-pacific. With the recent development of increasing Chinese influence in this region becomes important for India to change its discourse in the Indian Ocean. This geopolitical importance of the Indian Ocean region binding Asia, Africa and Australasia together is calling for a lot of attention by the Indian foreign policy makers for India to counter the China’s growing power and its role in the Indian Ocean. India by using its economic, political and diplomatic window with the Indian Ocean rim states needs to further build her strategic power to counter the role of China.

Author:  Fernando Srimal, Gupta Megha & Jose Sharon.

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