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The graphic-written propaganda of Islamist organizations (DIEEEO122-2017)

The unexperienced Western eye perceives the graphic-written propaganda of Islamist organizations as a visual product, compact, uniform, the same codes for all of them: beards, men dressed in robes, women with veils or covered faces, deaths, weapons, blood, etc. All of them adorned with beautiful calligraphy and Arabic writing.

As for Western specialists, these for their experience, have overcome this assessment "stigma" and have reached the point of understanding that each Islamist organization manages its own propaganda version, in accordance with its interpretative version of the Muslim religion.

However, it is still difficult for them to go further, in terms of locating the product depending on the type of Islamism concerned and much less date the characteristics of that.

The present work presents the graphic-scriptural propaganda of the Islamist organization Hamas. It is one of the most structured propaganda schools within the Islamist panorama, with a tripartite functional strategy of the most original and effective in terms of the objective of reaching its jihadist message to the recipient.

The analyst in intelligence linked to the fight against the Islamic terrorism will find in this article well systematized tools and references (propaganda credentials, propaganda frameworks and projectors of the propaganda frameworks ) that will help them to confront the circulating graphic material in the open sources, to recognize and not to confuse the analyzed, optimizing time and results.

Author: Dalida Benrahmoune



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